The Handy Super Charged
Vacuum to Take on the go

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Mighty Mini Vacuum is the handy super charged vacuum to take on the go!

Mighty Mini Vac Features:

  • Make Snack Spills Disappear
  • Get The Crumbs Off Your Sofa
  • Built-In Brushes Destroy Dirt Fast
  • Super Cyclonic Power Pulls Dirt & Debris Into Filter
  • Quick & Easy Litter Box Clean-Up
  • 12000 RPM Turbo Charged Motor
  • Now Kids Will Clean Up Their Own Messes!
  • Dishwasher Safe Base & Filter

Don’t struggle & strain with large, heavy vacuums for small spills. Get the crumbs off of your sofa in just seconds with the Mighty Mini-Vac!

The Mighty Mini-Vac is the compact, handheld cordless vacuum with super-charged Cyclonic Cleaning Power. Innovative, built-in brushes break dirt loose while the Cyclonic Power pulls it into the filter. It even picks up sand!

The Compact, Super-Charged Vacuum That Goes Everywhere!

Use The Mighty Mini-Vac for quick cleanup on upholstery and rugs. It’s perfect for all types of flooring & surfaces. Just set it down and watch it clean by itself! The Mightly Mini-Vac is powerful enough to pick up even the smallest particles that other hand-held vacuums can’t. Lightweight and compact, it fits right in your glove compartment or drawer. Take it anywhere!

When the filter is full, just pop it apart and empty in the trash. There’s no clean up because it’s dishwasher safe! Mighty Mini-Vac is so fast and easy, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!